Seven Wonders of Wisconsin

Camping and day drinking is something a lot of Wisconsinites look forward to every Summer. This Summer though, many are going to be doing it from one of these Seven Wonders:

1. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

A “quick” 4 hour and 44-minute drive from Green Bay, The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is located near Bayfield, WI. Along the shores of the colorful Lake Superior, the 21 islands and 12 miles of mainland mean experiencing something new is never too far off. This idyllic, nature-filled spot has hiking trails, guided fishing, and hunting trips, lighthouse tours, sailing and boating opportunities, secluded campsites, scuba diving, and island hopping. Check out The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore’s website for more information, or to plan your trip today!

2. Big Manitou Falls

Wisconsin’s highest waterfall, Big Manitou Falls is located in Pattison State Park. Just 328.8 miles from Green Bay – a mere 4 hour and 56-minute drive – Big Manitou is the fourth-tallest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains. This wonder has two beautiful overlooks, giving everyone the perfect view of the waterfalls that tower above. After experiencing the falls, guests can take a nature hike anywhere in the eight miles of trails. Check out the Pattison State Park website here.

3. Cave of the Mounds

Getting its name from the Blue Mound Hills, this natural geological wonder was discovered in 1939 and is about three hours away from Green Bay. This cave was found when workers were removing limestone from a quarry on a farmer’s field and accidentally blew the face off the quarry which revealed the marvelous underground cavern. School, boy/girl scout, birthday parties, family and even personal trips are encouraged and are available year round. Check out the Cave of the Mounds website to plan your trip today!

4. Devil’s Lake State Park

Devil’s Lake State Park, not far from Wisconsin Dells, is the most visited state park in Wisconsin. Each year, thousands of people from around The World venture to Devil’s Lake and enjoy the 360-acre spring-fed lake, the 500-foot bluffs that peer over and the 30 miles of trails.

 5. Chain O’Lakes

Why have one lake when you can have 28? The Chain O’Lakes is the world’s largest inland chain of lakes. These lakes are 100% the work of nature, but human work connected them through dams and channels. Boat landings are abundant throughout with plenty of bluegills, perch, northern and musky for the fisherman in everyone.

6. High Cliff State Park and the Niagara Escarpment

Known to the locals as “The Ledge,” this cliff begins on the shore of Lake Winnebago, the largest lake in the state. Also known as the Niagara Escarpment, this 440-million-year-old cliff starts in Wisconsin and stretches more than 1,000 miles to Niagara Falls, New York. On a visit to High Cliff State Park, there are nine miles of hiking trails and horse riding. You’ll also find fossils running throughout the cliff, caves, waterfalls, and petroglyphs that show Wisconsin’s Native American past. Don’t forget to visit the Lookout Tower in the upper park, where you can see 30 miles in all directions. Visit the High Cliff State Park website.

7. Horicon Marsh

The largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States, it’s a major stop for Canada geese during its migration; more than 300 additional species of birds have been seen on the marsh, including large populations of redhead ducks. Bring your binoculars to view the wildlife that surrounds you. Want a more exciting adventure? Take a boat, canoe, or kayak out onto the marsh for a better view. Visit the Horicon Marsh website for more information.

If you’ll be in Wisconsin this Summer (or even if you won’t) DON’T miss these hot spots. Wisconsin has way more to offer than just cheese and Packers. These Seven, Magnificant Wonders of Wisconsin await your visit and/or return.

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