Sip, Sip, Hooray – Eggnog on the way!

Breakout the stemware and fill up your glasses, it’s eggnog season! But, don’t fall for that pre-made grocery hogwash – make great holiday recipes with a few simple ingredients. We took the liberty of curating and reviewing the best eggnog recipes from around the net – try one yourself and let us know what you think!

Review: The Tastes Better From Scratch eggnog recipe is a starting point for the novice eggnogger. The directions are straight forward and does not require any special cooking techniques. The overall flavor profile was light but exceedingly sweet. Sugar and sweetness are the first of flavors to hit your pallet, with faint notes of nutmeg on the backend. The recipe reminds me a little of melted vanilla ice cream. I would recommend adding some cinnamon to heighten the eggnog experience.

Score: 4/5

Review: This Alton Brown eggnog recipe was quite delicious. It was extremely thick, which I believe is an essential quality to a proper eggnog. However, those that don’t like thick eggnog may want to use light cream instead of heavy cream to reduce the thickness and possibly one less egg. The three ounces of Bourbon didn’t overly saturate the drink or greatly reduce the eggnog flavor. Overall, this was a solid recipe for homemade eggnog.

Score: 4/5

Review: This highly rated recipe by NATALIESMOM took several years to perfect, but appears to be more suited for a specific eggnog flavor profile. This recipe called for two-and-a-half cups of light rum, which created an overly alcoholic scent and flavor. However, in making it without alcohol, there is a more natural eggnog smell and overall flavor. I include this to say that if you are the type of person that prefers an alcoholic eggnog, this is a skewed perception because I do not prefer alcohol in my eggnog. However, this recipe without alcohol does rate highly, as it provides the nostalgic eggnog texture and flavor that is desired by so many come winter.

Score: 4/5 (Non-Alcoholic); 2/5 (Alcoholic)

Review: Food & Wines homemade eggnog had an excellent flavor profile. However, the ingredient list is a little more expensive compared to the other recipes as it requires rum, brandy, and bourbon. The overall taste had a well-rounded flavor, with the texture being smooth and velvety. The aroma had hints of alcohol, but no ‘burn’ was detected while sipping. The character of the rum, brandy, and bourbon gave way to a creamy light nutmeg sensation. Be sure to whip the cream thoroughly and whisk before serving.

Score: 5/5

If you’re someone who rightfully recognizes eggnog as a delicacy, then these homemade year-round solutions are your savior for the 10-month drought without eggnog. What are you waiting for? Get creating!

Written By: Joshua Konecke and Kevin Dohm

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