Social Distancing in the Great Outdoors


AloneTogetherDevil’s Lake Edition

SPORTS BARS CLOSED! GYMS, TOO… Even Movie Theaters = ALL the places I used to go to relieve some stress.

Today I’m living out of a suitcase – fighting the good fight against Covid-19. Working on the front lines in an unprecedented battle with the Wisconsin National Guard is both my duty, and truly my honor. Being two hours away from home, working in a small, enclosed area and living out of a dinky hotel room with another soldier, the practice of Soldier Distancing is extremely difficult.

During any down time I get from my job, I begin to feel more stir crazy then ever thinking, “What will I do with myself for the next few months?” I wondered if I was the only one feeling this way?

A Devil May Care Attitude
Time rolls on as I mindlessly watched Netflix – wasting the beautiful weather outside. Then, a friend chimed in asking, “Have you tried going to Devils Lake?”

Reluctant at first for a few reasons: It’s a long drive, and I’d be going to the wilderness by myself. After thinking it over, I packed a bag and escaped the confines of my little hotel room on a sunny, 55-degree, beautiful Spring day in Wisconsin.


Rugged Rocky Road

Unprepared, and exhausted, I reached the bottom of the mountain knowing I just had to reach the top. As I trucked through the rough, rocky terrain, I met other friendly Wisconsinites doing the same thing – all with smiles on their faces. In times like these, seeing people smile is truly a breath of fresh air (literally).

After walking three miles up twisting, turning trails, I finally made it to the top where I could see one of the most beautiful sights Wisconsin has to offer. Once reaching the summit, the stress of work, school, and all my bills went away for that moment. I felt refreshed knowing I was practicing social distance and still enjoying life. It was also one of the best cardio workouts since the Coronavirus broke out.

STILL Open for ALL
This is a snapshot of what people all over the state can be doing instead of binge watching a favorite show on beautiful spring day. With 66 State Parks in Wisconsin, finding one close to you shouldn’t be too hard. This is one of the few social gathering places allowed to stay open for all to enjoy.

Fresh, really fresh air and the wonder of nature can give you a three-hour escape from reality. From what I learned in my mid-day adventure, almost anything can be done at these state parks. Tie up a hammock and read a book; bike through the beautiful trails; have a nice picnic looking over Wisconsin’s beauty.KonMan2

This may not be a stress reliever for everyone, but something about fresh air during these times really helped ME. If you need a little space, go see these wonderful places. The Wisconsin State Parks reminds everyone to still practice social distancing in the parks, and keep it to groups under 10.  Smiling in the park is unavoidable; contagious, too 🙂

Summer is around the corner and we’ll all get through this #alonetogether.

By KonMan920
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