Social Media Rumors True: Let’s PLAY BALL!



Professor Clampitt is THRILLED to announce:  

COMM just received official approval for its much anticipated new emphases:
Social Media Strategy & Sports Communication. Students will be able to sign up for the emphases this Fall.
Details will follow, soon…

“We also hired a new professor,” Phil Clampitt announced. “Jeremy Adolphson, PhD., will be a BIG help, and we can all thank Dean Rybak for helping make this happen!”

ALSO GREAT NEWS:  “We’ve had quite a few stories from The COMM Voice picked up by the UW Daily this semester. Yesterday for example, three-of-the-four stories published by UW Daily from Green Bay came from The COMM Voice!”

In addition, “UWGB’s Log picked up a few of our stories as well.  These are nice, independent verifications that we’re doing some really good work. Nice job, COMM Voice, for increasing our campus profile and our growing reputation ‘worldwide.’ ” 🙂


6 Comments to “Social Media Rumors True: Let’s PLAY BALL!”

  1. thecommvoice says:

    Great News for COMM Students and Prospective Students. SHARE THIS STORY!

  2. Rosie says:

    Comm voice be killing it with the stories!

  3. Micah Kulpinski says:

    Excited to see how the new emphasis improve the program! Really hoping the Sports Communication emphasis gets involved with our Division 1 Sports teams on campus. #ProudtobeaPhoenix

  4. Erika says:

    Soon the world will know what the Comm Voice is! Way to go everyone!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love it how student voices can be heard more and more in today’s world. Together, united we well create a wonderful new world.

  6. Haley Rettinger says:

    It’s very exciting to see the Communications department expanding with adding new emphases and even a new professor. Also great to see the Comm Voice gaining more popularity.

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