Spring Break Season

 By Kelly Schmitz & Emily Krause


With spring break right around the corner, many University of Wisconsin – Green Bay (UWGB) students are thinking about taking out-of-state trips or possibly traveling abroad. As a much-anticipated event, this spring break is rumored to be the biggest spring break for travel in years, as COVID-19 restrictions have loosened. Although traveling sounds like the most fun way to spend a break, many students are also still wary about travel due to COVID-19.

Throughout the United States, Miami, Los Angeles, and Nashville seem to be the most popular among students. “I’m honestly just really looking forward to getting some sun and a warm breeze in,” Julie Krueger, a UWGB senior, states. She goes on to say, “I think, many students are looking forward to getting to leave their towns and cities. An adventure is what we’ve all been waiting for.” Charles Poulter stated he would not be traveling anywhere for this summer break but is really looking to have a good reset around the house and an overall catch-up on life during his time off of school.

The coastline of the popular destination of Cancun via expertvagabond.com

Many students also commented on traveling to neighboring states such as Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota. With destinations such as Chicago, Minneapolis, and the nature scene of Marquette, a quick getaway that won’t take up the entire break seems like an idea for a student in the middle of a semester.

“We (attendants) have been chatting about this for quite a while actually, “ Katrina Taylor, a flight attendant for Delta, commented. “We also think this might be one of the biggest Spring Breaks in history for travel, but that is closely followed by higher prices than usual,” she went on.

Prices have definitely risen since the beginning of COVID-19. Tripadvisor.com wrote that the sooner you can book your travel this year, the better. Not only for price, but there is limited seating on many planes as usual, but there are lesser planes being used – many airlines are also struggling to hire personnel to accommodate this influx of travel. Many students are also downloading phone apps and bookmarking websites like cheapflights.com and Skyscanner to monitor the prices of flights. “It’s just so convenient because you don’t have to pay attention. You just set your price range, your destination, and the dates you want to travel, and the apps do all of the work for you,” Julie Krueger added.

In addition to domestic vacation, it is no wonder that many outer US territories are on the hot list for travel, such as Cancun, Mexico, and the Caribbeans. Many students have commented on the need for a true break and sunshine, and these destinations have just that, all with an affordable twist. Currently, flights to the aforementioned are under $300, making it easier to save to spend more on the experiences each destination has to offer.

For those not looking to travel far, many interesting destinations in Wisconsin can be a fun day trip. Milwaukee, Madison, and Eau Claire feature a myriad of entertainment, shops, and nature outings and can all be driven to from the Green Bay area in under 3 hours.

With travel, there are always potential safety concerns and tips that an individual should take into consideration. When traveling by plane, make sure to always keep your bags near you and wear comfortable clothing. Another tip Klarissa Theroux added was to keep your toiletries, medication, and an extra set of clothes in your carry-on. This is in case your main bag goes missing – you will always have your necessities with you.

For those that wish to take a day trip to a neighboring state or further location in Wisconsin, there are a few things to keep in mind before and while you travel. You should always have on you are bottles of water, snacks, and Tylenol. A fully inflated spare tire and emergency kit are necessary and should always be in a vehicle no matter the length of the trip.

A 2-3-2 Delta plane layout taken by Katrina Taylor

Overall, many students are looking to have a spring break, including travel, whether that be local, within Wisconsin, or further to a different state. For those who are not sure about a destination, there is more than enough time to consider all available options. With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, it is no wonder many individuals are looking to enjoy each other’s company in fun destinations.

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