Staying On Track, During The Holiday Season

Holiday Season can be hard for someone trying to stay on track with their diet and fitness goals. It is possible to enjoy the season properly and still keep your goals in mind. Don’t let the fear of having too much keep you from the great food that is presented at family parties.

The season of traveling and buying gifts can become hard to continue your clean eating habits. Planning is one of the key steps to staying on track. Don’t be afraid of indulging in delicious food, just plan for it. Create meals during the week that will make up for that all those holiday parties. Lower your calories throughout the week and plan workouts around holiday parties.

For those that like to indulge in holiday cocktails and spritzers, that’s completely acceptable! Just be aware and take into account for those empty calories that you’re consuming. There is “healthier” drink options when consuming alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The links below offer “healthier” drink options and recipes for both alcohol and non-alcohol holiday beverage options:

If you get off track, that’s okay! Don’t get down on yourself, there’s always tomorrow to make a change in your diet and exercise routine. Everyone needs a cheat meal here or there, to comfort those cravings. If you’re finding it hard to hold yourself accountable this holiday season, let your family and friends know about your diet and exercise goals. They may be able to help keep you on track during this time as well.

Though there are many tips and tricks to help reach your goals this holiday season, looking at different websites on holiday nutrition and at home workouts may be of help when searching for new tips.

Story written by: Logan Konitzer, Jalyn Murphy, and Adrianna Raddatz

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