Students Adjust to Working at Home

By Mackenzie Ullmer, Indiana Schilz, and Alyssa DeKeyser


The coronavirus has affected everyone worldwide with its halting of events, gatherings, and daily lives. Precautions have been put into place to ensure the Public’s safety. Although a vaccine is now being distributed, everyday life has been changed forever. The most significant change that most people have had to adapt to is working from home.

Jarrod Kaczanowski works at his home desk to complete a big work project.

Jarrod Kaczanowski, a senior majoring in supply chain management at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, has been working from his apartment for just under a year. There are a lot of differences from working in the office. “Controlling distractions is one of the toughest things you’ll have when working from home. Whether it is having the television on, having roommates, or other chores around the house, you must try your best to stay focused on your work to meet the deadlines that you’re given,” says Kaczanowski. Currently, he works as a Supply Chain Sourcing Intern at Schreiber Foods. There are obvious difficulties in working from home, but there are also a lot of helpful tips that you can pick up. “You become your boss in a sense. When you are in the office, you have people monitoring you and checking in on you. But at home, it’s all on you. Your peers must trust you to get things done to succeed in this setting.”

Josh Saunders gives a “thumbs up” after finishing his workday.

Josh Saunders, a junior majoring in business at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, is also an intern at Schreiber Foods. He, too, has faced some difficulties adjusting to working from home. “The biggest difficulty is probably not being able to see what an office setting is like. I wanted to be able to have this internship and experience an office setting to help set myself up for my future and get a sense of what a full-time office job would be like,” says Saunders.

Jarrod Kaczanowski and Josh Saunders collaborate to finish their latest work assignment for Schreiber Foods.

While some jobs are transitioning back into offices with safety protocols, some places like Schreiber Foods will remain closed for the foreseeable future. They have had several dates for employees to return, but those continue to be delayed due to COVID-19.

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