Survival of the Finals

Vacation is an amazing way to recharge your batteries, but it can be a challenge to bring your brain back to work. Here’s a 7-week plan to help you stay on track for finals:

Week 1/April 1-6: Review the syllabus for all classes to figure out deadlines. Then, make a plan and prioritize what needs to be done first. Next, figure out will take the most time. Remember:  You don’t have to schedule the entire semester at once. Making a list of goals will help to stay organized. (Use a planner to aid in accomplishing tasks.)

Week 2/April 7- 13: Set goals of how to accomplish your plans. Manage your time and don’t be afraid to take a break. Consider these: Get coffee or watch your favorite Netflix series. Also, double check your organization; it’s easy to get off track when you’re busy.

Week 3/April 14-20: Tackle one goal at a time when you feel overwhelmed. Break up your goals by setting time limits. This will help prevent too much stress on one task. Set boundaries to prevent overworking yourself.

Week 4/April 21-27: Start preparing for upcoming projects and finals. Be sure to check deadlines as deadlines approach quickly during busy stretches. Another tip: Ask professors for clarification or questions on projects due.

Week 5/April 28- May 4: Crunch time! You will be busy, but keep up the good work. Refresh your memory on course materials. Next, find a study technique that works best for you. (Examples: flash cards, study groups, mini self-tests, fill out study guides.) 

Week 6/May 5-11: Be confident! Dedicate time to studying before finals. The time you spend preparing can make or break your final grades. If you think there are any concepts you aren’t competent in, utilize your resources and spare time to get to where you want to be.

Week 7/May 12-18: It’s the final countdown! After six weeks of preparation, you’re going out strong. Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished this semester.

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