DSC_0653GreenBaySignageinSnow.JPGFORTY YEARS AGO, I moved to Green Bay to take a job with a Data-Driven, Number-Obsessed, High-Stakes Insurance Company where there was NO one on staff like me.

First day on the job I bumped into the President in the Men’s Room.  He was very nice and most welcoming.  He toyed with me with small talk before he threw a giant haymaker at my nose: “Why do I need an COMM Guy when all we do is figure out when a customer will get sick – and how much we’ll have to pay?  How do you help me with that?”

There was no concussion protocol back then, but I became a candidate. His totally-unexpected, well-positioned jab rang my bell; wobbled my brain. It was a perfectly logical
question from a boss-type person, but I had never thought of it before! I DID, however, know that whatever counterpunch I came back with would either establish myself as a unique, value-added employee or just another pencil-neck, bean-counting, actuarial technocrat.

I squared up, looked him in the eye and took a wild swing: “You need me to help you sell your story.” Not a bad comeback for a rookie, but I wish I had seen THIS!

COMM MAJORS:  Click here NOW!  Be fully prepared when a future boss asks:  Why do I need you?

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    “I feel the earth, move, under my feet…”

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