TEDx: Pioneer in Leadership

Dr. Fred Johnson, Founder and CEO of Initiative One, discusses how Leadership is evolving; how the old, 3 pillars of Leadership: Information, Authority and Knowledge have been replaced by:  Authenticity, Transparency and Vulnerability.

The reason for this change? Easy access to information has changed how leaders relate to others, and lead people.

It’s not every day you get to speak to 200 people about something you’re passionate about; even rarer to refine your passion with a coach who challenges you. “The highlight of my TEDx experience was the coaching process with Danielle Bina,” Dr. Fred said of the COMM Senior Lecturer.

She challenged me; pushed me
“She pushed me in a way I haven’t been challenged in years as a public speaker. She sharpened my approach – which will benefit me well into the future.” Fred also said, Danielle worked hard to fine tune his Authenticity, Transparency and Vulnerability buttons.

@TEDx, Fred spoke of helping teach and inspire NFL coaches and business leaders to believe in their potential. To lead others, you must first lead yourself.  Only then you create an environment where others are free to be themselves.

Fred’s Leadership Advice? “Speak from the heart,” he said. “Trust the power of your own story and tell it authentically… NOT to impress, just to be real! People gravitate toward that!”

Click on the video above:  FRED @TEDx

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    Great Story. Well Done Professor Bina

  2. michaelbina says:

    Good leaders learn something new everyday!

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