Terror On the Fox: 25th Year of Fear

By Angela White, Kelly Schmitz, Will Kamps, and Emily Krause


Terror on the Fox is celebrating its 25th “year of fear” this October 2021, and attendees express that they are scarily excited.

Terror on the Fox is a local haunted house in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, that began on September 17th and goes until October 31st. Tickets are $25 apiece, and there is a $10 fast pass option to skip the line. The haunted house includes a train ride to the haunted house and many lights and decorations to set the spooky mood.

“I think Terror on the Fox was really good this year,” says Savannah Harbath, an attendee of the haunted house. Harbath adds, “It was so nice to get to do something like this after two years of COVID-19. The community is lucky to have such a fun event to celebrate fall and the festivities of Halloween.”

There is an eerie feeling to Terror on the Fox. After the haunted train ride, there is a large antique house with many flashing-colored lights and loud rock music being played and sung by actors on the second floor of the house. This is the pre-show to watch while waiting in line.

Terror on the Fox attendees watch music and lights pre-show before the haunted house.

“This was my first time being here in many years,” says Becca Van Asten, an attendee of Terror on the Fox. “When I walked up and saw how large the haunted house was, I was shocked. The music and lights happening at the house while we waited in line were cool to watch. I loved the rock music!” she expresses.

About 30 actors are employed by Terror on the Fox. Each actor wears special effects makeup and costumes to portray characters that are creepy creatures of Halloween. Some workers take care of concessions and line management at the event.

“I’ve been working here for many years,” says Cole Grefe, an actor and builder at Terror on the Fox. “I love working here and bringing so many spooky ideas to life. My goal is to make each year better and scarier than the last,” Grefe says.

“We have many great workers here, from the concession workers to the special effects makeup artists.” says Grefe, “We are so lucky to have everyone that we do have on this team. We couldn’t make this happen every year without everyone here.”

A cathedral-style building seen while waiting to enter the haunted house.

The haunted house itself takes approximately an hour from beginning to end. “It was really fun!” Van Asten says, “I really liked the train ride with all the fog and the actors that came and sat with us. Overall, the whole thing was very scary, and I am happy I came.”

Terror on the Fox has a merchandise booth located at the end of the haunted house where guests can purchase t-shirts and merchandise relating to the event. The event’s last day is Sunday, October 31st, with tour times from 7 pm to 11 pm.

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