The COVID Draft: NFL Plays Online

Vegas was supposed to be the fabulous site of tonight’s NFL Draft; a dramatic stage and theater was set up in front of the famous Fountains of Bellagio where 32 eager, first-round draftees would appear as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called their names in front of thousands of screaming fans. However, the NFL got sacked; COVID-ed! The famous ‘Vegas Strip is now only a virtual reality.

For this, The First Ever Virtual Draft, 32 NFL teams will connect with each other from their homes and offices via Microsoft Office. Key decision makers on each team will be responsible for communicating with one another through services such as Zoom or Google Hangout. Once a team decides on the player to pick – or if they’re working on a trade – they will connect with the NFL through Microsoft Office to share the required information.

Connected like a COMM Major
Communication students at UWGB can relate to the NFL’s virtual process:  In a major heavily focused on group work, UWGB COMM students and faculty quickly adapted to a new way of group work and group thinking. For example:  Students in Cases in Communication and Media Management are now having meetings lasting a couple of hours over platforms like Zoom. And, as the critical, Mock Press Conference deadline approaches, students are making important decisions and answering rigorous questions – all while sitting at home.

TONIGHT@7PM, Packer fans sitting at home – not at the Atrium or The Stadium View or some bar on Holmgren Way – will be able to watch every exciting moment of the draft with The NFL Network and ESPN combining to broadcast every selection – and all the wheeling and dealing. Trey Wingo will host all three nights on both networks; viewers will also be able to hear from draft analysts working from home.

It’s not The Strip
ABC will host a separate show tonight with College Football Analysts Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer and Maria Taylor. ABC’s broadcast will focus on storytelling; highlighting the careers of select draftees. Roger Goodell will be announcing the first-round picks from his home in New York City.  Presumptive first-round picks will have camera crews – operating at safe distances – broadcasting live from the players’ homes instead of the BIG stage in Las Vegas.

Bleacher Report will also host a virtual show with analysts Adam Lefkoe, Matt Miller, and Conner Rodgers reporting from a far. They will grade and discuss every pick over the three-day period. Watch it with The Bleacher Report app, or on its website.

NFL Draft Times:
● Round 1: TONIGHT | 7-10:30PM CDT
● Rounds 2-3: Friday, April 24 | 6-10:30PM CDT
● Rounds 4-7: Saturday, April 25 | 11AM-2PM CDT

The NFL has assured viewers that they also have a support team from Microsoft working to make sure nothing gets hacked and everything runs smoothly. Now, the only question remaining is:  Are fans going to boo the Commissioner when he takes the stage in his basement?

Written by Nik Sandona

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