The COVID Graduation Exclamation


A Non-Graduation Graduation

Spring graduates were informed that their graduation ceremony would have to change due to Covid-19. The University said that the ceremony would be reimagined to honor those who have completed their degree.

In response to this news, Senior UWGB Student, Mariah Rossebo, started an online petition to get graduation rescheduled to a later date instead of cancelled. At the time of publication, the petition has more than 2,400 signatures.

“After hearing that the Spring 2020 graduation ceremony was cancelled, I was devastated,” Mariah said. “This announcement had created such a huge emotional response from graduating seniors and their families/friends. We understood that it had to happen to keep the spread of COVID-19 under control, but that didn’t change how we felt.”

Mariah, and many students, friends and family, hopes graduation can be reschedule. “I know that the university mentioned that rescheduling the ceremony is a possibility that they’re considering, but I want that possibility to become a decision,” she said. “I also realize that this is a difficult situation for them too, and that they are trying their best to come up with something. I just hope that their priority is listening to what the Class of 2020 wants to see happen.”

In December 2019, 432 students participated in the Fall Commencement. How will the 2020 Class be honored? Time will tell.

Story by Ashley Perket

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