The Final Countdown!

Graduation is one of the most exciting – yet terrifying – days of a student’s college career.

Three or four years in the making, Graduation is a three-hour ceremony, that marks the end of your college career and the beginning of the terrifying part: Off to join the workforce or on to even high-level schooling.

It’s all somewhat terrifying, but there are many resources to help Seniors prepare for this big day. The first is the Graduation Resource Fair on April 11th from 11AM-1PM and 3PM-5:30. This is where you get your cap and gown, graduation tickets, and view other resources available around campus – and for after graduation, too. Graduation Resource Fair is a Must-Go event.

Each semester, Career Services hosts the Job and Internship Fair which features companies from across Wisconsin looking for future employees. Go to the fair and gather information from more than 80 companies and talk to representatives. This event is useful for graduating seniors seeking full-time employment, and also any students looking for an internships or to practice their networking skills.

In addition, make an appointment to have Career Services look over your cover letter and resume. This gives you more confidence in the material you’ll be submitting to possible employers. Another thing that will help you feel more confident is the Career Closet. Going into an interview dressed for success is beneficial, and the Career Closet is a good resource to upgrade your wardrobe. Definitely, check out The Closet!

You will soon be one
The UWGB Alumni Association is a great post-graduation tool. The Alumni Association can connect you with thousands of former students who already are working in your intended career field. They offer a Partner Program that pairs you up with an alum in your perspective career which may be a foot in the door and a taste of your future.

The Alumni Association is also a great way to stay connected with your alma mater. They’re always hosting events and opportunities for you to stay connected once you leave campus as a UWGB alum.

For more information about how Career Services could be of help to you visit their website.  For more information about the Alumni Association visit their website.

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