The Last Dance

ESPN has begun airing a 10-part series highlighting the Chicago Bulls Dynasty that won six world championships in seven seasons. This documentary follows the rise and fall of one of the greatest sports dynasties in history.

Michael Jordan was the 3rd overall pick in the 1984 NBA Draft; after one season, it was clear he would be a star. Winning Rookie of the Year and then, the following season, taking a once terrible Bulls to the playoffs where Jordan and the Bulls would fall short to Celtics the next two seasons, but Jordan was largely considered the best player in the NBA. His one flaw, however, was that he could not win a championship by himself. Jordan was missing one thing: a co-star. In 1987 they added Scottie Pippen, and it all changed after that! Once they were able to overcome getting past the Detroit Pistons in 1991 Eastern Finals, the Dynasty went on to win its first championship. After that, they won five more in a row! This documentary covers all the highs and lows of the Bulls from the time Jordan was drafted to his final season in 1998.

The documentary crew interviewed more than 100 people who were close to or involved with the Dynasty including former President Barack Obama and Bay Watch star Carmen Electra. The documentary began airing April 18; it concludes May 17. Episodes run every Sunday at 6PM CDT on ESPN, and the next day on Netflix.

The Last Dance is the perfect show to help all sports fans get through the quarantine.

Written by: Nik Sandona

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    It’s a good series/documentary

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