The Only College Advice You Will Ever Need

As a graduate, I am going to miss UWGB so much. These last four years have been the best years of my life; I would not want to get my education anywhere else. The tips and tricks listed below are a sure way for you to have an outstanding experience at UWGB and make memories that will last a lifetime!

  1. Spend time in the lounge
    Trying to find new friends at college can seem like a daunting task. A great way to meet people in your building and to get out of your room is to spend time in your Resident Hall’s lounge. The lounge is the go-to place to watch movies, play games, and beat the summer heat.

Residents of Cletus Vanderperren Lounge, photo by Michelle McChesney

  1. Join an organization
    UWGB has more than 100 organizations that students can join. Habitat for Humanity, Art Agency, PRSSA, and Feminists for Action are just a few examples of orgs that students can join! Student Orgs are a great way to meet people, get involved on campus, and travel on a college students’ budget.

Habitat for Humanity members travel to Maui, Hawaii over winter break.

  1. Attend as many events as you can
    There is always something to do on campus! Bingo, GB Nites, and sporting events are just a few of the most popular things to do at UWGB. Going to events is a great way to meet people, spend time with friends, and take advantage of free food and prizes!

UWGB students attend GB Nites, Photo credit: UWGB Student Life

  1. Transfer Meals will be your best friend
    Skip the Cloud Commons for meals and use transfer meal swipes at Mondo’s, GB Grill, and the Corner Store.
  1. Hike the trails
    Take a break from studying and explore the nearly four miles of the arboretum that surrounds campus. The trails take you through a prairie, the bay of Green Bay, and past Shorewood Golf Course.

Photo of the UWGB Arboretum, Photo credit: UWGB

  1. Take as many photos as you can
    These four years of college are going to fly by, make sure you take plenty of photos and videos to remember your time at UWGB. Your time at college will give your some of the best friendships, memories, and experiences you could ever ask for.

Written by Shelby Smith 79.9 | 5.7

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