The Prisoner of Corona Day 31

Dear Diary,
Today I made a quick run to Kwik Trip to get some groceries. And, when I say groceries I mean candy, beer and bananas…LOL! The essentials of every college student’s diet on quarantine, right?

I am still going to work at the hospital everyday. We are all required to wear masks – surgical, or even homemade. At times, I feel a bit paranoid because I am on the front lines of COVID-19. Although we need as much staff as possible to help fight this, the hospital is urging people to take time off to help flatten the curve. It is becoming a concern that this will end with staff being laid off because of all the canceled appointments, elective surgeries and procedures, etc. When we come out of it, the hospital is going to be in debt big time – and that’s not even including all the renovations that are already in progress = Eye Roll!

I am not sure how long this State of Emergency will last, but many jobs are at risk right now. I just want it to end already – and for life to go back to normal.

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Written by The Health COMM Cats: Marissa Lung and Vanessa Martinez

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    Get more beer!

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