The Prisoner of Corona Day 39


Dear Diary
I thought I was exposed this week, and it was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me!

I’ve been reading stories about people getting COVID19, but never thought it would happen to me. I was doing everything right by staying home; only going out if it was completely necessary. In the middle of doing what I believed to be right at the time – assisting a patient in one of my volunteer roles at the hospital – I thought I was exposed.

A coworker whispered that the person I was assisting had been seen by EMTs earlier, and had a temperature of 105. (I wish I had known that before I came in contact with the individual!)

I spent that whole night waiting for my boss to call to tell me if this person was positive, or not. I was paranoid; OVERthinking everything all night. The Boss finally called the next morning. My stomach dropped as I answered the phone. Good News:  The person in question did not have COVID; instead, just the flu. I’ve never felt so relieved.

This was a terrifying experience and made me realize I need to be much more careful. I will continue to take precautions to keep myself – and others – safe.  I’m taking all the vitamins I can, too!

Hopefully I stay well; you too,

By The Health COMM Cats: Marissa Lung & Vanessa Martinez

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    Don’t be afraid

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