The Prisoner of Corona Day 50

Dear Diary,
The Corona has entered my home.  Well, not really… but it is in my apartment complex! Today, we received a letter from the landlord stating that someone within our living community has tested positive for COVID! While they assured us this individual is taking proper precautions, it doesn’t make me feel better.

Have I possibly been around this person? Have I come into contact with something that this person touched? Does this person live in the same building as me?

Not to mention with the outbreak at the local factory, the pharmacy at the hospital has decided to take extra precautions to prevent any type of outbreak. The precautions being taken in the pharmacy include disinfecting every hour on the hour – and not coming into direct contact with any patient.

As much as I have enjoyed writing to you, Dear Diary, being an essential worker is becoming more and more time consuming.  Hopefully, we will meet again in the future.


By The Health COMM Cats: Marissa Lung &Vanessa Martinez

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    Time marches on…

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