The Walls of Downtown Green Bay

mural1Green Bay has been getting a magnificent makeover; more than 26 murals have been
painted on the exterior of buildings throughout the downtown area. The murals have been created by a variety of people, including artists, students, and the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay.


One of these murals is The Shadows, located on 801
South Broadway. This mural is the finishing touch of everything the students in the Boys & Girls Clubs Youth Arts Initiative learned over the summer. The young artists photographed themselves and created the “shadows” using Photoshop. The painting of the mural began on Wednesday August 21 and was finished and unveiled on the following day.


Another incredible mural is featured on the side of the Art Garage on Olde Main Street.
The artist, Egypt Hagan of Tampa, Florida came to Green Bay after an ad was posted on the Art Garage site searching for someone to paint what they titled a “Public Art Mural.” To complete the mural, the artist held Paint Nights to get others involved with the project. The mural displays four different ethnic groups from the community and represents the equality and diversity of the area. For more information on Egypt, check out her Instagram and website.

muralartistGoing forward, you may see more artwork popping up throughout the city, bringing color to the walls of Green Bay!




Written by Fearsome Threesome: Mariah Lorfeld, Brooke Modjewski, Ashley Stafne

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