The Wisconsin Ski Resort Report

Hats, check. Gloves, check. Boots check. THE POWDER HAS ARRIVED! But which mountain? Lucky for you, The COMM Voice vetted the top four winter resorts in WI to dig your Ski’s into.

Granite Peak
With its summit reaching 700ft, Granite Peak is Wisconsin’s most extensive ski mountain. They offer 68 runs with three high-speed chairlifts that gets you to the top in under three minutes. Centrally located in Wausau, Wisconsin, Granite Peak is an easy commute from Milwaukee, Madison, St. Paul, and Chicago. Once you arrive, drive straight past the lines directly to the lift area with their car to lift access. Arguably Wisconsin’s finest mountain, you don’t want to miss out on the action.

Alpine Valley
Many know Alpine Valley for their legendary rock concerts; however, the real fun begins when the snow starts flying. Alpine Valley, in Elkhorn, WI, is about a 40 minute drive southwest of Milwaukee. The resort offers 20 runs with the longest reaching 3,000 ft. Are you a little timid on the skis? No problem: Alpine Valley offers one-hour private lessons for $60 and only $15 additional for an extra person. Lift ticket prices range from $32 – $68.

Cascade Mountain
Cascade Mountain is perfect for anyone: a family, large group of friends, an individual, or children. There are passes, both single day and seasonal, for these groups at affordable prices. If you don’t live near the Wisconsin Dells where this ski resort is located, there are suites within the Dells just minutes from Cascade Mountain that can be rented out for family vacations. There are 47 trails available throughout the season suitable for a range of skill levels, as well as beginner ski lessons for those not comfortable skiing quite yet. Overall, this ski resort offers fun for everyone, whether it be skiing, tubing, or lift riding.

Grand Geneva
With a countdown to opening day plastered in bold on the front page of their website, Grand Geneva ski resort is already building up the hype for another season of snow. Throughout its six-acre park, Grand Geneva offers 20 runs and a maximum vertical slope height of 211 feet. With restaurants, villas, golf, and a spa and fitness center, this resort is more of a luxury ski resort, as it offers so much more than simply skiing on the slopes. Grand Geneva is quite affordable for what it has to offer and even rewards good grades as part of a discounted “honor roll season pass” for students with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

As you can see, there are many options for you this season to ski. Even if you’re not a skier, there are SO many other activities for you at these resorts as well. Gather up the crew and go have some fun before the snow melts!

Story authored by: Kevin Dohm and Joshua Konecke

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