This JUST-IN…UWGB Comm has a new professor

By Aubrey Drohner, Mackenzie Morey, & Meghan Finger


The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Communication Department looks to explore new ways to better student’s education and make for a more enjoyable experience. A new face will join the UWGB Communication department, Justin Kavlie.

A Midwesterner from the start, Justin grew up in Jamestown, North Dakota. He started at Jamestown College as an undergraduate and then transferred to Concordia College, where he earned his degree in psychology. In college, he got into the film-making scene and entered some film-making competitions after graduation. He and a friend of his started a video production company called Grassfire Studios in Fargo, North Dakota, which he loved. After a few years, Justin missed the world of academia. “I’ve always been the type that loved learning new things. In my head, I constantly thought of how video stories were so impactful and effective and why people wanted them,” Kavlie states. He decided to jump back in and pursue his Master of Arts degree in Mass Communication from North Dakota State University while being part of his video production company. He then went on to the University of North Carolina to obtain his Ph.D.

Photo courtesy of Justin Kavlie. Justin is on track to teach Advanced Video Production, Information Technologies, and a First-Year Seminar this fall.

Justin enjoys analyzing movies, playing video games, cooking, snowboarding, and golfing outside of academia. He likes to use his hobbies, like watching movies and gaming, as a creative outfit for his passion for storytelling. “My main research focus is storytelling; that’s one aspect of gaming that I enjoy,” says Justin.

Justin will begin Fall 2021 and make an excellent addition to the UWGB’s Communication Department. His mass media and video production expertise will benefit students and allow them to reach their full potential.

Check out some of Justin’s work with Grassfire on his Vimeo page!

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