Tide Pods for Dinner?

What better way to get a ton of people to watch your videos on social media than to eat a Tide Pod in front of a camera?

You’ve heard of The Cinnamon Challenge; The Mannequin Challenge;  even The Invisible Box Challenge? The latest challenge has teenagers and children eating Tide Pods to become Internet famous.

In addition to all these kids foaming at the mouth, also trending is people taking advantage of the challenge to promote their business:  A bakery started selling Tide Pod doughnuts; a tavern created the Tide Pod shot and a spoof was made of tide pods to look like a Popsicle brand.

Tide officials have stated they have nothing to do with the challenge, and they encourage people not to eat their pods.  The parent company of Tide came out with a video on Twitter with football star Rob Gronkowski encouraging kids not to eat them. Because Gronkowski has a huge fan base, the company that makes Tide – Proctor & Gamble – believed that Gronk could help stem the tide of people eating their product.

Another, cheaper way to get kids to stop might be for parents to teach their kids to put the detergent into the washing machine instead of their mouths. Or, maybe, cook tastier meals so kids won’t be tempted to experiment with junk “food” or, even better yet, teach them to cook; maybe they’ll become Internet Foodie Stars.

The lesson learned is that Tide Pods are not safe to eat; we all agree the Tide Pod eater looks more like an idiot than a star. Question is:  What next? Tide Pods as Halloween Candy?

Editor’s Note:  If you ask our writers’ opinion, they think Pods could offer a better option to have clean mouths than what toothpaste offers?  What’s YOUR opinion?  Scroll Down and Leave a Reply, Please.

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Rob Gronkowski Video: Watch Here 


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  1. thecommvoice says:

    This would be a GREAT diet for me :O

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