‘Tis the Season

Want to make a difference? Giving back to those less fortunate is always an opportunity for you to lend a hand. Whether you’re a student or a university employee, there are many ways you can bring joy to someone this holiday season.

The Green Bay community has a handful of non-profit orgs aiming to help both families and individuals during the holidays. And they need all the help they can get – BiG, or small: 10 for You to Consider:

  1. Donate to UWGB Campus Cupboard and Clothes Closet.
  2. Volunteer at a non-profit organization such as:
    ⦁ The Salvation Army
    ⦁ Paul’s Pantry
    ⦁ The Freedom House
    ⦁ The Humane Society
    ⦁ Children’s Hospital
    ⦁ Green Bay Botanical Garden Light Show
    ⦁ Mauthe Center
    ⦁ Einstein Project, Inc.
  3. Caroling in nursing homes or hospitals.
  4. Foster an animal from a shelter
  5. Bake cookies for homeless shelters.
  6. Become an ELS mentor at Literacy Green Bay.
  7. Knit and donate blankets/hats/gloves to families in need.
  8. Donate to Toys for Tots.
  9. Fundraiser for a cause that you care about.
  10. DIY Care Package for the homeless.

Students shared how they will give back (below):

Even small efforts can have a BiG impact – especially for families who receive all the love and joy from those willing to help. Consider giving back: Go BiG – or go small = It all works!  Happy Holidays!

Written, Produced, Directed by MOJO: Jessica Amo, Mailee Her, Oda Bekkestad

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    Good Ideas

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    Great video! And story!

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