Titletown Winter Fun

By Angela White, Kelly Schmitz, Will Kamps & Emily Krause


The holiday season has arrived, and the Titletown District has plenty of activities to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Snow falls on The Titletown District. The Turn restaurant is located on the left, and the Ariens Hill sledding hill is located on the right. Photo courtesy of Angela White.

The Titletown District, located next to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, has a variety of winter activities for the whole family. Santa’s mailbox is stationed in Titletown until December 20th and is located outside of 46 Below, a bistro where visitors can enjoy food and drinks. The mailbox is there for children to deliver their letters to Santa so that he can know what they want for Christmas.

Above the bistro is Ariens Hill, a 46-foot-high hill covered in snow, where guests can ride a tube to the bottom. In addition, outside of 46 Below is the ice-skating rink where people of all ages can rent skates and enjoy their time outside. There are festive-themed skating nights on the rink, and attendees have an opportunity to skate and take photos with Santa as they go.

The Titletown District also hosts events for Green Bay Packers’ employees during the week where drink tickets are provided for the restaurants in Titletown; 46 Below, Hinterland, and The Turn. With these drink tickets, Packers’ employees can have up to two drinks provided and paid for by the Packers’ organization. This is one way the Packers give back to their employees during the holiday season.

The Titletown sign can be seen above The Turn restaurant, and a glimpse of Lambeau Field can be seen in the back.
Photo courtesy of Angela White.

However, guests who do not work for the packers can enjoy the holidays in Titletown. Guests can take a stroll through Titletown and see the lights and decorations or choose from a selection of drinks and cozy up by the fire in the Terrapin Beer Garden.

“I watched an employee string lights on one of the trees outside of the ice-skating rink for six hours the other day,” says Keanna Hendrickson, Server at The Turn. “It is amazing how much time and artisanship goes into making Titletown beautiful this time of year.”

People walk around the Titletown District.
The ice rink can be seen surrounded by lit-up trees decorated for the holidays. Photo courtesy of Emily Krause.

Visible from Ridge Road, on the side of Lambeau Field, is the Winter Jubilee Light Show. This is where guests can enjoy a free nighttime spectacular show complete with lights, music, fireworks, and lasers.

“It is a really cool place to work. I love skating around and watching all of the events going on,” says Michael Krubsak, ice rink employee at Titletown. “Talking to the children who are so excited about the holidays makes the job all the more worth it.”

With many different family-friendly options, the Titletown District has something for everyone to enjoy.

All Titletown events for the rest of the season are listed on their website:


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