Today: Death by Finals

Gary Evans, author of the best-selling, Amazon book series, “Death By” is visiting UWGB Friday to promote his latest installment in the series: “Death by Payback.”

Gary’s roots of authorship go all the way back to childhood. “I suppose the real seeds for authorship were sown in grade school,” he said. “I have always been a voracious reader and I paid attention to how the people I thought to be good writers treated things like plot, sentence structure and the like.”

Gary is local to Wisconsin, after spending a career in sports, journalism and teaching, he decided to sit down one August afternoon and start writing a story. The story turned out to be the first in his “Death By” series “Death by Drowning.” His original intent was to write the story as a gift for his wife and children for Christmas, but after some encouragement from his daughter in-law, Gary found a publisher who believed in his story.

Today, three books later, Gary has some words of encouragement for aspiring writers and communicators:

“Write. Write. Write,” he said. “Every moment you spend writing is an asset. Have people read what you have written and talk to you about how they felt when and after reading what you’ve written. Use their messages to help you refine how you write.”

And read,” he added. “When you read, make judgments: What do you like; what do you dislike? How would you change what you just read? Store away the things you like to help influence your writing. The things you don’t like can help, too. And whatever you do, NEVER, NEVER, EVER think you can’t do something. You can do much more than you think yourself capable of, but you must try. Do it! You’ll be amazed.”

Check out more on Gary Evans or his new book, at the Phoenix Bookstore TODAY, December 14 from 12-to-1PM. For more information visit the man himself, or visit

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