TOMORROW You Vote: Here’s How!

Merica.pngWith Midterm Elections tomorrow, it’s important to know where and when you can vote.

Where you live determines where you vote. Students who live on campus can vote in the Phoenix Rooms of the University Union. Students who do not live on campus vote in the polling place of the district they live. To find the correct polling place for you and/or your friends, see the Infographic below. Doors open at 7AM tomorrow, and remain open until 8PM.

One of the biggest issues preventing students from voting is a lack of information. To learn more about the candidates and the issues, check out this helpful Infographic:VOTE.png

4th Down consists of Rachel Koepke, Mackenzie May, Logan O’Leary, Abby Pfeiffer

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    Thank you!

  2. Jena Landers says:

    Don’t you need more than an ID to register to vote? You also need proof of residence.

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