TONIGHT: Prepare Your Resume



As Winter, finally, relents to Spring, many students are looking to graduation – and beyond.

In just four weeks
graduates will shed their caps and gowns, and don their resume and cover letter. These pieces of paper can be the difference between employment – or hanging out in the parent’s basement. To avoid the latter, UWGB is offering a workshop to build resumes and get you on the right path – before you cross the stage.

TODAY | APRIL 12; Multi-Purpose Room; 7:30-to-8:30 PM:  Career Services is offering a plethora of resources to help you move from a college kid-to-a career professional. Career Services is hosting events specific to resumes, interviewing and applying to graduate school; students get one-on-one assistance .

The event has a business casual atmosphere with free food and a social hour, and students are encouraged to dress semi-formally. Professional photographs will also be offered. Come, eat, take a photo and learn the tips and tricks to nailing your future.

The Beauty Markers include: Markella Akladios, Maddie ByrnesKayla Niquette and Carli Smits.
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