Top 5 Ways to Grow at Comm Week


Like a tree, we all need a place to be rooted. Through Communication Week, your roots can grow deeper in the UW-Green Bay Communication Department. Here are the top five ways you’ll grow during the week:

A well-rooted Comm program
There are five emphases in the department; focused on the skills you need to get a job in the future. Choosing your emphases is important and can be somewhat daunting, but Comm One, Comm All will help you understand what each emphasis focuses on and help you choose what’s best for your interests and skill set. (If you can’t decide, you can always do this:  5-for-5 for Jo.)

Networking Skills
When you begin looking for a job, you must be able to connect and build relationships with people – and potential employers. Through Communication Week events such as Networking Like a Pro, the department works with students to learn how to hold a conversation with professionals – and sell themselves while trying to balance a plate of food and a drink. These networking skills will be put to the test immediately at the Comm Week Closing Banquet, and become even more valuable when out in The Real World.

Get advice from accomplished Communication alumni
Learning from people who have been in our shoes can be beneficial. Throughout the week there are many opportunities to connect with alumni and hear their stories. By connecting with these professionals, you’ll feel more confident in future classes – and in your future career. Attend the Alumni Panel and the Closing Banquet to gain insight from these talented, wonderful, professional people – and make a few connections, too.

 Preview a Capstone Course
One of the capstone courses offered is Comm 480: Cases in Communications and Media Management – known among Comm students as “Cases.” At this Capstone Preview you will review a Cases’ final project and witness a mock press conference dealing with a corporate crisis. This class is known for being high pressure and stressful – especially last week of class – but you’ll get to learn what one class did, get to ask questions about the process and get a preview of what to expect.

Students with Public Relations, Organizational Communication and Health Communication are required to take this class, but all emphases are welcome.

 Showcase your work to Communication Professionals

There’s no better way to connect with a potential employer than presenting your portfolio. Through the 3x3x3 COMMpetition and Comm Film Festival, students present and discuss their work with professionals and potential employers. It’s also a great opportunity to be recognized and connect with peers, professors, administration and alumni.

Comm Week offers many ways to grow your skills and prepare for life after graduation. This annual event is an excellent opportunity for you to establish your roots.

See you there; visit the website for times and places:

The Story Seekers include: Ben Berndt, Hannah Koerner, Danielle Magnusson, & Danielle Shea


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  1. thecommvoice says:

    Good Roots are important but lately, I’ve been partial to microbrewer: Noble Roots.

  2. Dr. So What says:

    Looks like we will have about 100 people at the banquet on Thursday. Plus we will have some Big (Not Fake) News to share!

  3. Haley Rettinger says:

    This is laid out very well, as long as helpful and informational, glad I found this, good information to know 🙂

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