Trivia Wraps up for the Semester

With the school year ending, a good break from studying can help ease a student’s mind.

On Wednesday, December 1, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay students had a chance to flex their knowledge on a variety of topics with the final trivia event of the semester. Trivia at UWGB’s Phoenix Club allows students to take part in trivia nights like those found at a local pub without the age restrictions or travel involved. With teams of up to six people, students took part in multiple rounds of Trivia, with questions ranging from the Earth’s age to the top scorer in NBA history. The top three teams were awarded pass points, which students can use on campus for food, laundry, and printing.

Stephanie Kaponya, UWGB Student Life Program Coordinator, talked about how trivia nights can impact students on campus. Trivia night this year was less than normal attendance, however, was a lot of the end of the year events are seeing less than normal attendance. Kaponya said, “I would like to get students’ input on the topics and revamp the food and prizes. I think we need to revisit food at the event and prizes.” Even though the attendance was not as high as in previous years, Stephanie said, “Students had a great time. Students want to be challenged and learn something from the event, so structuring we plan to structure it that way for the future.”

Instead of normal themes, Trivia was generalized. Photo courtesy of UWGB.

JT Mertens, a student attending trivia night, gave their thoughts on the last trivia night of the semester, “It was a great event.” Mertens adds, “It was nice to have something to take my mind off finals for a little bit. However, it would’ve been nice to do better [during Trivia]. [Trivia] really tested my knowledge, and I hope to do it again sometime.”

Trivia nights will return next semester once a month. If you want to learn more about next year’s trivia nights and more events held by UWGB Student Life, you can visit the events master calendar at

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