Turn UP The Dial

Current events are once again showing radio’s importance in our communities. During times like these, we need to know what is going on – and how to deal with it. Radio provides the instant information and the entertainment we ALL can use.

News radio stations like WTAQ are keeping our communities up to date on the latest COVID-19 developments. You can tune in or check out their resource page here for some of the latest information and stories (https://wtaq.com/news/sections/covid19/).

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. The Green Bay community is finding many ways to unite and support one another. For example, did you know about the #KeepOnWI Movement? It’s a social media campaign to inspire communities. WTAQ brought attention to it and it’s now a big deal.  It’s just one of the ways local radio is keeping our community in touch.

You can read more about #KeepOnWI here.

Entertaining is the other way local radio is serving us. In the morning, you may not have a commute to listen to Y100’s Shotgun and Charli but you can still have coffee with them if you stream 100.3 from your phone. Duke FM is still “playing the Legends of Country” and Jack FM is still playing Classic Hits.

Another cool, unique thing:  3PM every Saturday many stations have been playing “Jump Around.” There are endless videos on social media of community members dancing in their driveways. Neighborhoods are uniting, turning up the dial on 101.1 WIXX in greater Green Bay, and jumping up and down (six feet apart, of course).

Quarantine or not, our communities are always connected through radio. Let’s not forget that when the world returns to its regularly scheduled programming.

“Jump up, jump up, and get down!”

Story by Megan Roshak

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