Tweaking UWGB’s Education Program

The Education Program at UWGB works extremely hard to prepare future teachers for every challenge in the classroom, but nobody prepared for THIS!


Education Chair Dr. Pao Lor

Chairman of the Program, Dr. Pao Lor, said UWGB focuses primarily on traditional classroom teaching and methodologies – including emergencies such as natural disasters like tornadoes and floods – but nothing like COVID.

Go with The Flow
Education education is constantly changing; events that happen all over the world are constantly added to the curriculum of Higher Ed. Dr. Lor said his students are trained to adapt – and go with the flow, but it’s extremely difficult to stimulate an event like COVID in the classroom, but technologies will make teaching a little easier during situations like this.

UWGB has been working to expand online learning even before COVID19, but this event adds another reason online education is even more important today; no doubt tomorrow, too. The education program at UWGB will study more of what virtual schools have been doing before – and during – this crisis. “At the end of the day,” Pao said, “you use what you can to empower teachers with the knowledge they need to teach.”

Work The Plan
Dr. Lor believes UWGB does a good job with what they already do in preparing future teachers; teaching the importance of adapting to situations and how important it is to have an emergency plan. And, UWGB has taught online teaching to its future teachers so they have some level of knowledge for most any virtual situation.

“As long as teachers have the tools to carry on instruction, they will continue to teach,” He said. “Teachers are dedicated to their students, colleagues, and community.”

Story authored by: Travis Boulanger

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