Unexpected Skills During COVID-19

Emma Anderson (Photo Credit: Shanna Anders host teacher)

One of the final steps to earning a teaching degree is being in the classroom as a student teacher. This year, COVID completely changed that traditional classroom experience.

UWGB student, Emma Anderson is Student Teaching in Algoma, WI. Her classroom experience before COVID was being able to have in-person contact with students and parents. After COVID disrupted everything, every in-person connection has now gone away. The only method available is connecting virtually.

ALL Brand New
Instead of in the classroom, Emma works virtually with her host teacher. Emma’s host asked her to record herself reading books, or teaching material through videos posted on Algoma School’s virtual learning platform. Her host also keeps her updated on different ideas, and lesson plans she has. (It’s all brand new to her host, too, don’t forget.)

Emma said this experience will help her prepare for her own classroom someday. Her situation this year proves that teachers can’t teach just one way. It’s a good reminder, she said, to be prepared for unplanned scenarios. Teachers must be able to adapt to students’ needs. “Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom,” she said.

The virus emphasizes the importance of creating a connection with the students, she said. “If they don’t respect you in the classroom setting, they aren’t going to listen during a virtual lesson.”

Emma also explained how easy it is to not talk to parents who don’t want to talk. It’s important to build a connection with the parents as well because the parents have an influence on their child’s learning at home.

The unplanned skills and reminders Emma has learned from student teaching during COVID-19 will help her stay prepared for her own future classroom.

Story authored by: Travis Boulanger 60 | 8.6

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