UWGB Activities During COVID-19: Fun for All or Fun for None? 

UWGB activities on campus look very different this year due to COVID-19, with most in-person events being limited and restrictions in place.

For almost every student coming to college for the first time, making friends is a huge concern. Many students come to school not knowing anyone; they put posts in groups on Facebook looking for roommates, friends with certain interests, and people who are going to the same events.

Events on campus are great ways for students to get out and meet new people. These events could be related to sports, crafts, music, or video games. This year, those events are limited because of COVID-19.

The finished product for the pumpkin string art craft. Photo Credit: UWGB

An advertisement for Pumpkin String Art. Photo Credit: UWGB

Often, students make friends through on-campus events. Brianna Pilarski, a junior majoring in Art and Psychology, did not return to campus because of COVID-19. She reminisces on her time she spent at these events on campus. 

I met some people who shared the same interests and had nice conversations. I think that it will be difficult for people to meet if they don’t go to something like these events,” she says.

For the students who did return to live on campus again, it still looks very different from what it looked like in years past. Despite a recent surge in the Northeastern Wisconsin area, UWGB is trying to keep their campus rate of infections low. Aside from wearing masks and social distancing, many events also have a very limited capacity and have a grab-and-go option. Students can pick up a pre-packaged kit for the specific craft, take it back to their house/apartment, and create them there.

An ad for a pre-COVID-19 GB Nites event. Note how many different activities are available, including karaoke and various games. Photo Credit: UWGB

Lorrigan Puls, a senior majoring in Communication with emphases in Health Communication and PR, remained on campus and said, “Sometimes, I do miss the typical nights like GB nights. However, my friends and I found different ways to have fun. We play lots of board games, go for tons of walks, and find hidden gems throughout Green Bay for safe social events…For first year students, I know it’s hard to adjust to college life without typical social events, but having a positive attitude while recognizing all there is to be grateful for is a must.”

An ad for GB Nites Lite: a spin-off of the usual GB Nites that are normally held once a month. Only 3 activities are listed. Photo Credit: UWGB

Even though there are restrictions put into place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, students and campus employees are doing everything possible for students to continue to grow their social network.

To see upcoming events, click here.  

By Alison D., Jade H., and Angela L.

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