UWGB Cheapseats and Phlash Tix

By Kirstynne Hock, Maddy Majewski & Emily Goggins


Lights, Camera, Action!

Students at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay (UWGB) have the chance to enjoy some inexpensive entertainment on campus. Cheapseats gives students the opportunity to watch a newly released movie at the UWGB movie theater, and Phlash Tix allows students to attend theater events that come to the Weidner Center.

Phoenix Club worker Keyonna G. shared how to purchase Cheapseats tickets and everything that comes with your tickets. Keyonna said, “All you need to do is to come to the counter at the phoenix club to get your Cheapseats tickets.” Cheapseats offers different deals, and Keyonna shared what those deals are. The main deal is tickets that are two tickers for five dollars with popcorn and soda. Other tickets are two dollars each.

Another Phoenix Club worker, April, stated that 20-30 Cheapseats are sold per show. The next Cheapseats showing will be December 3- 5. “There are always new movies playing, and no old movies unless it’s special,” April said.” April believes students would like this activity because “it’s a lot of fun with roommates, and students can do things before and after the show. It’s a good way to feel like you’re off campus off-campus while staying on.”

Jacob Gestrich, a senior here at UWGB, shared his thoughts on Cheapseats. Gestrich said, “I have gone to Cheapseats a lot too many times to count.” Gestrich also heard about Cheapseats from some friends at the University. Gestrich shared that he “enjoys them (cheapseats) a lot.” Gestrich said, “It’s cheap, and you’re able to see movies you haven’t seen before. It’s a great opportunity to get out and do something simple.”

Cheapseats posters outside the Phoenix rooms. Photo credit: Kirstynne Hock

Besides Cheapseats, students can also see shows at the Weidner for $13 through the Phlash Tix program.

Adam Novotny, the Program Coordinator at Student Life, stated UWGB tries to throw events that relate to a Weidner Show leading up to an event to “make students aware of the great opportunities that the widener is offering. Students won’t be able to see these shows for this price later on.” For example, “Friends Trivia” was held on Wednesday, November 17. This student event was thrown to raise awareness for “Friend! The Musical Parody,” which was on Saturday, November 20.  Winners of the trivia won tickets to the show. Adam said UWGB hopes to host a “Price Is Right” event leading up to that show on December 10. Novotny also stated that “Ticket sales are picking up.” He predicts to see Phlash Tix being bought up when comedians come to the Weidner in 2022.

Cheapseats posters outside the Phoenix rooms. Photo credit: Kirstynne Hock

The Development & Marketing Assistant at the Weidner Center, Troy Williams, shared some insight on Phlash Tix. Williams stated, “With Phlash TIX, UW-Green Bay Students can get into any ticketed Weidner Center event for $13. Every single ticketed event, including touring acts and annual events.” Williams said, “It depends on the event, but we typically set aside 20-30 Phlash TIX for each event, and if there is demand for more, we add more. Our goal is for every UW-Green Bay student who wants one to be able to get Phlash TIX.”

Check out the Cheapseats and Phlash Tix programs this semester. These programs will continue into the next semester. For more information, check out the Cheapseats events on the UWGB calendar and the upcoming ticketed shows at the Weidner Center.

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