UWGB Custodians: Part of Students’ Journey/Success

A behind the scenes moment with Mary. Photo by Lorrigan Puls.

Custodians’ hard work goes well beyond keeping classrooms clean. Their sterling efforts provide a well-kept environment for students to evolve into who they want to be.

For 30 years, Custodian Colleen has been helping students evolve from her post in the Union. She explained that the campus is much different and cleaner today than when she started working on campus. The days of cigarette smoke in the buildings and graffiti on the walls are now long gone.

“It’s more about the earth and other people now,” she said. “People are more aware of how their actions impact others. That includes recycling and saying hello in the halls.”

Smile at their Customers
Custodians have demanding jobs, but they always have time to stop and smile at the people they’re working for. While cleaning and greeting people, Colleen puts her best foot forward.

“Give 100% no matter what job you have,” she said. Colleen expressed how much she values her work, and how she gives it her all because students are busy learning how to become who they want to be. She enjoys supporting that journey.  “Focus on who you want to become,” she smiled.

Almost like Home
Mary, who’s a custodian in MAC Hall, values her job keeping campus safe and clean. “I really enjoy the students,” she said. “and I want them to have a nice, clean place to study…almost like home.”

The custodial job allows students and staff to focus on learning instead of worrying about becoming sick due to a contaminated door handle or germs multiplying on tables or communal computers. Lead Custodian Nick Carncross finds joy working at UWGB because he is surrounded by kind people.

“We have good students here,” he said. “I have good coworkers. I actually like coming in every day. It’s good conversation and good work,” Nick said. “I like cleaning, so when something looks nice after I’ve been done, it makes me feel happy.”

UWGB is home to smiling staff and students. “It becomes like a family,” Colleen said, “so you want to do a good job.” Custodians work hard to keep this school clean and safe. There is one thing everyone can improve on, though.

“We need to work on appreciating all people,” Colleen encouraged.

Just say Hi!
Don’t be afraid to say hello and express your gratitude to custodial staff. Greet them with a smile when they come to fix something in your room; hold a door for them or double-check you’ve grabbed everything from common areas.

This campus wouldn’t be the same without the amazing people who keep UWGB mess free so students can focus on their futures.

Story authored by: Lorrigan Puls, Grace Merkt and Travis Boulanger

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