UWGB Students First Presidential Debate Thoughts

Many students stayed on campus to watch the debate from their dorms instead of venturing off campus for rallies or other political activities. // Photo Credentials: Josh Yahr & Ryan Rickard

GREEN BAY, WI. – The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden was held on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. The debate was watched by many students both on and off-campus who have a mixed identity of both democratic and republican views. Many students have strong criticisms of the first debate after a series of interruptions between the two candidates and moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News.

Several students were interviewed who are in support of Former Vice President Joe Biden. These students also reported being involved in student organizations such as Democracy and Justice Studies (DJS), the Social Justice Club, and College Democrats of UWGB.

“I usually support the democratic candidate, and I have been supporting Joe Biden for a while. I didn’t think he did very well in this debate, but I’ll still support him.” -Grace, freshman.

“I watched the debate, but it didn’t change my mind. It was just too much arguing and not enough actual debating.” -Sofia, sophomore.

“President Trump visited the campus in 2016 for his original presidential election rally. I participated with many other students in protest outside of the Weidner Center that day, and still to this day, I do not support him or think he should be president.” -Kayla, senior.

Students were also interviewed who are in support of President Donald Trump. These interviewed students shared they have been involved with student organizations on campus, including DJS, UWGB College Republicans, and Students for Trump.

“The debate did nothing to change my opinion on President Donald Trump. See you at the polls!” ‘ Brandon, senior

“The debate was very entertaining but was not a strong showing for either candidate. Trump would have run away with this debate without the childish arguing. As of now, he still has my support”- Tyler, junior. 

“Although I think this first debate was rough with all the arguing and interjecting, I still think Trump is the man for the job. I don’t see enough fight in Biden for him to be able to lead. Either way, I didn’t think either candidate looked good in the first debate.” -Samuel, senior. 

To learn more about the mentioned student organizations that the interviewed students represent, visit facebook.com/CollegeDemsChangeMakersOfUwgb for the College Democrats of UWGB or facebook.com/UWGBGOP for UWGB College Republicans. // Photo Credentials: Logan Stae & Ryan Rickard

The September 29th debate aired from 9:00 to 10:30 pm Eastern time at the Health Education Campus (HEC) Samson Pavilion at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Two more debates between President Trump and Former Vice President Biden are scheduled to occur on October 15th and October 22nd.

Students who would like to learn more about the debates and information on how to vote can visit the UWGB Libraries website. The “Election” tab of the web page provides information for students on news sources, election analysis and issues, campaign finance, polls, as well as parties and candidates. The following link provides direct access to the site: https://libguides.uwgb.edu/election

The debate’s full original air is still available to view online via the Fox News YouTube channel.
// Photo Credentials: Video and YouTube Channel Published by Fox News, Screengrab Captured by Ryan Rickard

Ryan Rickard, Logan Stae, Josh Yahr / October, 8th

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