UWGB Students Voted and Share Opinions

50 UW- Green Bay students filled out a survey about preparing for their emotions leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election. According to a poll released on November 2 by BBC, Former Vice President Joe Biden was ahead of President Donald J Trump by 8 points (52-44) nationally.

Two of UW-Green Bay’s seniors, Emily Cole and Evelyn (Evy) Ehrlich, voted in person on November 3. Cole and Ehrlich’s hometown is Port Washington, Wisconsin, but since they spend most of the year in Green Bay, they wanted to vote in person they spend most.

Of the 50 individuals surveyed, roughly 92% participated in the election on November 3rd. Of those individuals, approximately 54% voted at the polls, and the remaining percentage voted already via mail or early voting.

“Before the election, I would watch news reports, the debates and speeches by the candidate to educate myself as well as try to have conversations with my parents about the candidates,” Ehrlich said.

The students who participated in the survey had an array of different ways they educated themselves about the candidates such as; watching debates, the news, and campaign ads, looking to social media, doing independent research, talking with family, and looking to organizations such as Leaders Igniting Transformations (LIT) and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAWI).

Regarding the emotional responses to the election, an overwhelming 75.5% of UWGB students were not happy with the United States’ current political climate, and 86.7% were not happy with the nation’s current social climate.

“[I felt] a lot of anxiety and fear, but also at the same time, unity and hope because of the new uprising of young generations getting involved. I didn’t know much about politics until I got to college,” said Cole.

She said her 16-year-old sister that attends Port Washinton High School was more involved and informed about politics than she was at that age.

Cole said waiting for ballots to be counted was inevitable. “We all knew it was going to take some time. It’s no question that this election is different from any other.”

Students living on campus and wards 1-3 vote at the Kress Events Center on November 3. Courtesy: Madison Heun


“I Voted” sticker from in-person voting November 3. Courtesy: Evelyn Ehrlich


Infographic of Election Survey. Courtesy: Madison Heun


Written by Madison Heun, Tyson Reschke, and Alexa Gutierrez

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