VERY Good Semester

LOVEcommThe UWGB Communication Department attracted 1,571 Visitors who read/liked/used/shared nearly 4,000 stories/stats/photos/video from: The Student Voice of the UWGB Communication Department.

Since January 2019, The COMM Voice published 25,996 words (100 stories/posts).  It did not set any individual records, but Spring 2019 ranks as the Second Best Semester – Ever in terms of viewers/visitors (just a smidge behind the record-setting Fall 2018 Semester).

Four stories received IMPRESSIVE, triple-digit viewership this semester (these stories are still attracting viewers/clicks, too):
#1The Real World: Internship Edition (238 Views);
#2Former Phoenix Fly home from Europe (152);
#3New COMM Professor / Ready for Yoo? (149);
#4:  Smarzinski Scores (128).

Several other stories received strong, double-digit viewership (too many to mention here).  Some stories attracted regular readership throughout the world – especially in Ireland, Canada and Ukraine.

COMM graduates now have a few more good stories – and data – to share on their first job interview😊


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