Wait, this exists in Green Bay?

You have a free weekend, and you feel like you’ve experienced everything that Green Bay has to offer. Luckily, Green Bay is a rapidly developing city and there’s always new places to try. Whether you’re new to Green Bay, or have been here your entire life, here are some great new places to try.

The Turn
Green Bay’s newest center for entertainment, Titletown sits right next to Lambeau Field. On the ground floor of the new Titletown Tech building, The Turn offers a unique mix of food, drink, and fun. The Turn is “Powered by Topgolf,” the golf driving range franchise found in cities around the world. The unique, Turn Swing Suitestake a different approach to the Topgolf formula. A number of bays line one side of the venue; each bay is equipped with seating, a giant screen, and equipment. The screen offers a variety of game modes, and sports like soccer and zombie dodgeball while you enjoy food and drinks.

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There’s something appealing about secrets, and Amphora Wine bar feels like Green Bay’s best kept secret. What feels like the Great Gatsby’s personal bar, Amphora adds another option for when you’re seeking a craft drinking experience. Amphora offers a diverse wine selection, craft cocktails, and unique beer menu alongside small plates of assorted cheese and snacks to share with friends. The art-deco inspired interior offers a classic and cozy feel perfect for warming up in the winter. Come summertime, you can sit on their patio sipping your favorite drink knowing you’re in on the secret.

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Hotel Northland
The historic Hotel Northland in Downtown Green Bay has been invigorated with new life. The hotel has reopened after extensive renovation, revitalizing its feel to its 1920’s glory. Stepping onto the marble floors, you feel like you’re back in time. The Northland is a boutique style hotel with two new dining options inside. The Walnut Room is a sleek, high-end dining option with beautifully plated food, and craft cocktails. Poke the Bear is an upscale, yet accessible take on a classic sports bar. You’ll find your favorites such as cheese curds, and burgers on the menu. In Wisconsin, how can you not have those items? However, Poke the Bear puts a uniquely elegant twist on their food, making you take your eyes off the game to look down at your plate for just a second.







Diamonds – American Diner
Tradition is at the core of Diamonds. Serving breakfast all day, Diamonds American Diner serves you exactly what you’re looking for. For when you can’t decide between waffles or a burger at 1pm on a Sunday, Diamonds has you covered. Located on the corner of Cherry and Washing street, Diamonds is one of the most personal and affordable places to eat in Green Bay, and Diamonds doesn’t try to be something it’s not. Classic, comforting food is what diamonds serves with every plate. You feel like you’re being served by family, and who doesn’t miss a home-cooked meal?

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Children’s Museum
Looking into the future, the Green Bay Children’s Museum shows a lot of promise. After moving from their downtown location to Bay Beach, the Children’s Museum is expanding its facility to bring new exhibits and experiences to the table. The new location has extensive space that will make parking easier, and additions possible both inside and outside. With a new focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) the Children’s Museum will certainly be an innovative place for the Green Bay community.

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Story Authored By: Quinn Duffy, Julia Kostopoulos, and Katherine Nagler

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