Wanna be entertained?

With less extracurriculars and all online classes, you may have more time on your hands to enjoy entertainment like televisions shows and books. Here are a few recommendations based on what you already may like from popular shows, movies and books.

If you like Stranger Things, you may like The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

  • Umbrella Academy follows a group of siblings, all adopted by a billionaire. What makes them special is they were all born on the same day…to mothers who were not pregnant the day before. Follow the siblings as they come together again after years apart to bury their father. (Did I mention they all have powers too?)








If you like The Hunger Games, you may like Scythe (Book)

  • This world would almost seem perfect for us right now: Scythe takes place in a future where mankind has eradicated all diseases. But to keep the population under control, people called Scythes have a big job: to kill people at random. This story follows two teens training to be a Scythe. But only one can get the job, and whoever does will need to kill the other.








If you like Marvel movies, you may like The Boys (Amazon Prime)

  • The Boys takes place in a world where heroes may be no better than villains, and communication jobs like social media and public relations actually play a big role for some of the characters. But be warned: the show is a lot more gory than Marvel movies.








If you like the Iliad, you may like The Song of Achilles (Book)

  • Honestly, if you like Greek mythology, you will probably like The Song of Achilles. But the story is strongly related to the Iliad, following the famous hero Achilles and his lesser-known companion Patroclus. The ending of this story may already be written in myth, but Author Madeline Miller gives her own take on the legend.








If you like You, you may like Killing Eve (Hulu/BBC America/AMC)

  • Killing Eve follows an assassin, Villanelle, and an intelligence agent, Eve. Eve is supposed to be hunting down Villanelle, and Villanelle is supposed to be avoiding Eve, but they both become equally fascinated with the other, and get caught up in an “epic game of cat and mouse.”








If you like The Twilight Zone, you may like Black Mirror (Netflix)

  • Black Mirror is unique in the sense that every episode follows new characters and stories, but the show takes place in the same fictional universe. The show is a commentary on where technology can bring us as a society. In fact, the name of the show is cleverly referencing how our phones/TV/computers are “black mirrors” once they are dead or turned off – with black screens showing us our reflections, & how those screens can control us.








Story by  Emily Gerlikovski 64.2 | 8.4

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