What’s all the COMMotion?

Social Media? Broadcasting? STRATEGY? What does it all mean?

If you’re interested in Communication, but aren’t sure what it is  – or what you can do with it after you graduate – this story will help. At UWGB, there are seven emphases in The COMM Program:

Public Relations: PR consists of a whole bunch of things that essentially help organizations and businesses determine how the public thinks about them.  PR includes things like media relations, social media, event planning – a variety of communication and organizational skills. UWGB provides the opportunity to work with real clients and develop PR campaigns. You can also join the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) which provides many opportunities for leadership, resume building and highly-valuable PR networking.

Organizational Communication: Generally speaking, Org COMM is communication on the inside a business or organization. Careers under the Org COMM Banner could include HR, Sales, Training, Employee Relations – even corporate consulting. As an Org COMM Grad, your job will be to make sure that information flows smoothly throughout the entire organization. At UWGB, you’ll work hard on your persuasive skills so by the end, you might be able to convince people to eat bugs!

Health Communication: If you’re interested in the health field but don’t see yourself as a doctor or nurse, you’re in the right place. Health COMM prepares you to work in an exciting, ever-changing field to educate patients and/or promote healthcare organizations and services:  How to communicate about things like disease awareness; healthy lifestyles; new medical treatments; scientific breakthroughs. At UWGB, you will do just that!

Mass Media: Broadcasting – getting your message to the masses.  The Mass Media emphasis includes TV, Radio and newer forms of broadcasting like podcasting. At UWGB, you can create and produce your own podcasts, which would look great in your portfolio!

Journalism: If you like to write, Journalism is perfect! As a journalist, you will be writing about news and events; conducting interviews; possibly doing some investigations to produce news and content. At UWGB, there are plenty of chances to practice including working on a team to produce content for the COMM program’s blog… Oh right, the one you’re reading right now!

Social Media: It’s hot, it’s everywhere, but it’s still in its infancy – and just about every business and organization needs it. At UWGB, you will learn the skills behind social media and how to develop effective strategies for its use. You’ll compare similar companies and figure out which strategies is good, bad; better . By the time you finish, you’ll know exactly what it takes to create effective social media.

Sports COMM: If you’re a sports fan, take your interest in journalism or broadcasting one step further. You’ll be able to cover games or events, including Packer games. Some students at UWGB have even gotten to work on the Monday Night Football crew at Lambeau Field!

“The program is designed to make students career ready in whatever specific field of communication they select,” said Communication Program Chairman Phil Clampitt. “We provide the strategic thinking protocols and tools that allow every student to add value to their organizations for the entirety of their working life. And, we cultivate a collaborative, challenging, and fun learning climate.”

The COMM program has a lot to offer. And you’re not limited to only one of these choices – choose as many as you want! Courses within each emphasis do overlap, making it easier for you to create the ultimate combination of COMM skills for your future career! For more information, check on the COMM page today.

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