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With more than 7,000 students enrolled at UWGB, there are many stories to be told. Of the 7,000, I have one to share…

My name is Ntxhee Yee Thao: Comm Major and President of the Anime Club. I came to UWGB because it was close to home:  A place I felt familiar with, but wasn’t too sure where a Hmong American would fit in.

It was difficult growing up in Green Bay as a Hmong American; balancing living in a household that held traditional Hmong values while adapting to an American culture. While remaining strong to my roots, I was still finding myself. Family is important to me, but I am still my own person.

Starting out at UWGB, I struggled to find a place that felt right for me. I started as a Theatre Major, but then realized Communication felt a better fit. While I was surrounded by friends, I still felt something was missing. Little did I know that stepping foot into the Phoenix Rooms for OrgSmorg would change my life.

How my Fandom helped me.
I joined Anime Club freshman year. Being part of the club gave me a sense of community and a place to be myself.  Anime is a niche, student-run organization that provides an environment where students can share their love – and Fandom – of Japanese Animation.

Throughout the years, I’ve established lifetime relationships with people who I am grateful to have kept in contact with. Not only did I gain leadership skills, but also a sense of belonging and new life experiences.

I met a variety of people from different backgrounds and other cultures. Although they were different from me, we all had something in common:  Anime. The club helped me break out of my shell and grow into a leader. I went from being a member to club President, and now as I graduate, it is my turn to pass the baton of leadership to the next Anime Fan.

Each Fall, the club attends Daisho Con in Wisconsin Dells. This is a gathering that connects people all over the nation who share similar interests and fandoms. Whether people love anime, video games, Harry Potter or The Walking Dead, the fandoms we love and share help shape us into the individuals we are today. What’s your Fandom?

By Ntxhee Yee Thao of News Busters

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