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The FIRST thing people ask college students:What’s your Major. Then, they ask: Why that? Then, the dreaded: What are you going to do, with THAT?” 

GOOD questions!

Some people assume Communication Majors choose it for an “easy course load” so they can skip happily through their four years without putting in any hard work.  (WHAT???) With extensive group projects, endless group meetings, continuous improvement, lengthy presentations and rigorous Q&As, hardworking Communication majors beg to differ.

To get the inside scoop, The Oxford Commas interviewed 25 Comm Majors and asked: “Why did you join the Comm Program?”

Many said they got their first taste in the in-class Introduction to Communication course with the charming Professor Carr. Many students said they fell in love with his charisma and the structure of the major. Professor Carr has a way of explaining each of the emphases in a simple, entertaining way that can captivate any student-especially a Freshman.

28379343_10154990681695388_7594307856214583613_nJunior Ben Berndt feels the communication program is beneficial because, “it teaches us how to handle so many different situations we may encounter in the workplace.” Ben has a practical mind; he contemplated the benefits – and his career goals – and knew Comm was a perfect fit.


Sara.DSenior Sara Darr had very influential friends: “I saw how much they grew and I wanted the same for myself.” The Communication department promotes growth in students through the idea of Continuous Improvement – which Professor Clampitt sees as a requirement for success. Long after graduation, many students still reflect upon their growth and individual improvement throughout the program, and a majority credit their success to the constant asking of “So What?” – Dr. Clampitt’s tagline – and deep dives into their education.


Early on, Danielle Shea knew that Communication was right for her. “I did project-based learning in high school and always loved the communication part of the projects,” she said. “After visiting UWGB and meeting the Comm professors. I knew this is what I wanted to major in.”


Senior Micah Paul Kulpinski found Comm was the, “best way to get involved in sports broadcasting” and pursue it as a career. What he’s learned in the program, paired with his broadcast job at the Kress Center, has prepared him for his career search. Micah graduates in May, but next year Comm will offer a sports broadcasting emphasis making it easier for individuals like Micah.

The Oxford Commas started reminiscing about how they began their journey…
Here are their stories:


Sara Bichler:  My high school offered electives such as speech and mass media courses. Producing audio
and visuals – for theatre or broadcast – has always been
a dream. I fell in love with the department after taking
Intro to Communication where I learned how Public Relations and Mass Media were a perfect fit for my
future endeavors.


CourtneyCourtney Bultman: I was working on an English major and needed a minor that was interdisciplinary so Communication seemed like the best fit for me. After taking Intro to Communication with Dr. Carr I fell in love with  PR and decided to double major.


Amanda Jo Danihel: Coming in as an “undecided,” I wasn’t sure. Most of my family found careers in more scientific fields; fields where my strengths were lacking. After some urging from my high school AP Literature and Composition teacher and meeting Professor Danielle Bina during Orientation week, I gave Communication a shot. After four years and five emphases in UWGB’s Communication Department, this decision has definitely strengthened my skills and sharpened my strategic thinking.

Amanda Rice
: Graphic design was my original major as a freshman, but I had my doubts. I wondered, “is Design the right path for me?” An academic advisor suggested taking Intro to Communication with Professor Carr in order to test the waters. It didn’t take long to fall in love with the program and realize that Communication was the major for me – even if it involved the public speaking – something I previously hated.


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