Winter Grad Bash

By Emmy Wolfe, Kayla Smith & Kylie Heisz


Green Bay seniors start to celebrate the winter graduates with the annual semester Grad Bash.

Grad Bash welcome table to inform graduates what to expect. Photo by Emmy Wolfe

On November 11th, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., winter graduates can celebrate and begin to prepare for their commencement. Located in the Phoenix Rooms in the University Union, the Student Engagement Center has prepared a variety of activities for the graduates to partake in. Stephanie Kaponya has helped run Grad Bash over the years, and even though it’s changed a bit due to COVID-19, it still has the same goal. Kaponya said, “The purpose of Grad Bash is a time and space for students who are graduating at the semester to get all the information necessary before they leave together in one spot.”

Meghan Paluch, a graduating senior, poses at the Grad Bash Photobooth. Photo by Emmy Wolfe

From getting their honors chord to purchasing a cap and gown, graduates have a lot to do in preparation for their commencement day. The grad bash allows students to check off things like writing thank you notes, decorating their caps, and it all comes with free snacks and giveaways. There are also many representatives at the event like; Alumni Association, Jostens, Liberty Mutual, Registrar’s Office, Office of International Education, Graduate Studies, Career Services, and Honor Societies. Meghan Paluch, a graduating senior, commented, “I thought it was very organized and wonderful! The supplies, thank you notes, snack table, just everything was very nice. You could tell the staff was very excited about their GB graduates.”

In addition to the on-campus celebration for the graduates, a virtual grad-bash is also being held. Although it doesn’t come with the atmosphere and activities, it provides graduates with both campus and community resources before their last days as a student at UWGB. The university offers career services while students are looking for a job during and after school, as well as reviewing resumes and helping with practicing interviewing skills.

Overview of all the tables at the event and students attending. Photo by Emmy Wolfe

Another resource offered to the graduates is the Alumni Relations Office. Graduates of UWGB receive monthly e-newsletters with information, connections, and resources for those who just got out of college. It also provides information for professional development and continuing education opportunities. Alumni Relations was also at Grad Bash as a table to answer any questions graduates have. Kaponya mentioned, “I hope they have an enjoyable time talking with friends and other graduates, excited for being so close to the end of this part of their college career. To get all their questions answered and to celebrate.”

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