Yoga @ Home

With COVID-19 looming over people’s heads, society has had to find new ways to stay active from within their own homes. There are numerous workout regimes being offered but these, fanciful, result-promising fitness courses claim to be ‘The Best’ and only unlock the secrets with a lofty payment subscription.

In times where money is tight, the last thing someone wants to do is cough up more money to a workout monger whose sole goal is financial; thus began the search for creative ways to stay fit and move the body within the safety of a home.

The benefits of practicing yoga have been around for a while, but it seems to be picking up steam with the current Stay-At-Home Order. With the current social limitations eliminating options, there are simple, easy ways to stay healthy from home. Dr. Natalie Nevins from the American Osteopathic Association claims yoga, “can be very effective in developing coping skills and reaching a more positive outlook on life.” Article link here.

Yoga, to some, is something that people say looks fun but that same person turns around and says they don’t have time for that. However, now with an infinite amount of time on people’s hands, now might be the perfect time to pick up a new practice.

YouTube offers a myriad of topics and things to watch; how about turning your attention to a yoga YouTube Channel. A channel that is super easy to follow and makes yoga poses manageable (no matter your level of flexibility.) bohobeautiful. is a youtube channel that practices all different types of yoga from calming meditation to fat-burning Pilates. Bohobeautiful also offers all levels from beginner to expert, so a person doesn’t feel overwhelmed. The mantra of bohobeautiful is: “Your Decisions Today Will Define Your Tomorrow.”

By Ari Dohr

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