You Don’t Have to be Royalty to be a Queen

UWGB is highlighting its strength for inclusiveness by continuing its annual drag show. The campus also wants to highlight self-expression, or the display of one’s feelings, thoughts and ideas which are especially shown in writing, art, music and dance. The drag show will occur on April 7 at 7 PM in the Phoenix Rooms.

Queens are being brought in from all over the country to put on this show. Drag Queens create their own personas and generally dress in gender non-conforming outfits to perform for entertainment. Though there is no admission, the audience is encouraged to bring $10 in singles to give to the Queens and take plenty of photos. With their six minutes in the spotlight, each Queen brings their own individuality to their sets. Some Queens talk about safe sex; others mimic the Rocky Horror Picture Show; some go all out country.

Though the event is relatively new to Green Bay, drag shows have been around since the 1800s. On all male campus colleges, there would be days devoted to gender swaps, where students were able to dress up as females. Today’s shows are light hearted, with adult humor intermingled in with the fashion and dancing.

The drag show is just the tip of the pride iceberg. UWGB continues to develop and evolve their inclusive living environment. The Pride Center is the heart of campus inclusiveness. Started in 2012, the center offers several programs and services, including but not limited to the drag show. Branching off of the Pride Center, there are several groups and clubs devoted to inclusiveness, such as Men loving Men and Women loving Women. Though the Pride Center is devoted to equality and diversity in sexual orientation and gender identify, the center is for everyone. The Pride Center puts on programs such as: The Campus Cupboard, clothing swaps, and discussion panels.

There are so many reasons to feel pride in the UWGB, from diversity to student resources Green Bay supports all, so grab a friend, a couple singles and head down to the Phoenix rooms April 7!

The Beauty Markers include: Markella Akladios, Maddie Byrnes, Kayla Niquette and Carli Smits

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