YOU need a Professional Photo for Linkedin, right?

too much lipstick?

A GREAT READCareer Notes is a valuable tool for students; it’s a showcase of the wonderful programs planned this semester by Career Services including:

1.) FREE, Professional Photo for your Linkedin profile; 2.) Discover secret, Interview Secrets to land that BiG GiG; 3.) Wait… 2 FORKS?  You’ll show me which 1 to use – and when – at an important business luncheon? and; 4.) What’s up with that Digital Footprint of yours?

There are more great programs, too.  Get out your calendar, and GO HERE TO SIGN UP!  It’ll take you five minutes.

Linda Peacock-Landrum in Career Services has answers to any question: or 465-2163.

One Comment to “YOU need a Professional Photo for Linkedin, right?”

  1. thecommvoice says:

    Maybe a little less eye shadow?

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