YOU + The System = Merge

The UW System implemented a mega-merger between its four-year and two-year campuses. How does this affect UW-Green Bay? Below are some frequently asked questions based on your status at UWGB: StudentTransferProspective Student or a Faculty/Staff Member. 

Each question was answered by Jen Jones, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Director of Admissions at UW-Green Bay. 

Current Students 

Will tuition be affected?  For current students nothing is changing. Wisconsin’s tuition is frozen and is unlikely to change in the near future. 

Will the same classes be offered at UW-Green Bay, UW-Marinette, UW-Sheboygan and UW-Manitowoc?  The courses across all of our locations will be UWGB courses. Intro to Psychology at Manitowoc, Marinette, Green Bay and Sheboygan will be the same course. We cannot offer all of the courses in our course catalog in-person on all four campuses, but we will have the opportunity to do more online, streaming courses to deliver to all of our students. 

Will there be any effect on majors and minors offered?  The restructure does not impact the types of degrees we offer, but we are discussing which upper-level courses and programs we want to deliver on our different locations. 

Transfer Students 

How will this merger combine programs from campus-to-campus?  The Associate’s Degree that UWGB offers is the only program that could change due to this merge. We are looking at that degree and figuring out the best course moving forward. 

How will this affect students who wish to transfer from one campus to another? Students from Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan will not need to “transfer to UWGB.” They are already UWGB students. They will simply need to talk with their academic advisor to switch campuses/programs. Transfer to schools outside of the UWGB schools shouldn’t be impacted either. You can still transfer to other UW schools with all credits earned at another UW school. This restructure removes obstacles between our four locations. 

Prospective Students 

How does this affect student options?  It is our hope that this expands options at the branch locations. You can start a number of majors/programs at the local campuses and have a seamless transition to the Green Bay campus. 

How will incoming applications be addressed?  We will evaluate students for both the main and branch campuses when they apply, so if and when they change their mind about what location they want, we can make that happen without a lot of obstacles. The branch locations are “open access” locations so there are students who will be admitted to the branch and not the Green Bay campus. We will be clear with those students about what they need to accomplish in order to switch to the main campus after they have completed work successfully at the branch. 

What if I want to go to the Green Bay campus but get accepted into one of the three merged schools instead?  See above, we will evaluate them for all of our campuses when they apply. 

How will the admissions process work between the four campuses?  Only one application is necessary for any and all of the four locations. One application fee, one evaluation. Students will be evaluated for all four campuses via this one application. 


How will the merge affect workload, salary and benefits?  There isn’t any change except potentially more work for faculty/staff. 

Will more professors be needed to instruct courses?  We are continually bringing on new programs at UWGB, which requires us to hire more faculty, but the restructure itself doesn’t require more hires. 

Will staff interact across the four campuses?  Yes, faculty and staff have already been merged. The faculty at the branches are part of the colleges at UWGB and have representation at faculty senate. Enrollment Services is fully integrated with the solution centers on the branch campuses as well. 

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