You’ll Be Part of History


Friday, 2.16.18:  You – and the Green Bay Phoenix men’s basketball team – will make history February 16.  This Friday, Krash The Kress will mark the first time the men’s basketball team plays a regular season conference game on campus. The Krash will feature a pregame tailgate party, and serve as Senior Day for all Green Bay athletes.

Krash invites the Green Bay students, alumni, faculty and fans to one, big, lollapalooza on campus. What makes the event special is its historical impact: The men have never played at the Kress Events Center.  On February 16, it happens for the first time ever!

“Should the event – and the crowd turnout – go well, it’s possible the men’s basketball team will make the Kress Events Center its permanent home court,” said Joey Daniels, Assistant Director of Multimedia for Phoenix Athletics. “That decision is up to the Athletic Director, but Krash The Kress will be historic, regardless.”

The game will tip off at 8pm against UIC- immediately after the tailgate party in the east and west gyms. For anyone who considers themselves part of UWGB, Krashing the Kress is a MUST attend!

COMM Major Micah Kulpinski will Krash The Kress as a video director and production assistant. For the last three years, Micah has been an integral member of The Phoenix Athletics Broadcast Team. “Krash the Kress will be a nice change of pace from a normal game day,” he said. “So get rowdy, get noisy, and I’ll see you there!”


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